Wednesday, October 3, 2007

HI! I'm Jennifer...

I'm really excited to be a part of this experiment. As I said in the first blog, I'm totally a "glass half empty" kind of girl. I am so ready to change! I'm hoping this blog will help me do that!

I'm also super excited to be a part of this with a group of absolutely wonderful, talented, inspired women! I only know some of them outside of the blogging world. I'm looking forward to learning more about each one of them!

I blog over at Sundries Sublime. I enjoy arts and crafts of all kinds! I always tell myself I should just pick one and concentrate on it so I can really develop in an area but whenever I've tried to do that I miss my other crafts or I hear about something new I just HAVE to try!

Hmmm... what else about me? I'm a 30-something, educated, single, working woman living in middle America. I'm still trying to find my place and my way in this world. Maybe this blog will help me! :-)

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Letters From Midlife said...

I love everything about The Hope Experiment, including the name. I found it through Kristina's blog (Meadowlark Days). I'm not so much a pessimist with the glass of water as I am a realist. To me it is just half a glass of water, neither half empty nor half full. It just is. Nothing wrong with that but that mindset can lead to seeing things too cut and dried, too black and white, instead of daring to hope for something new and unexpected.

Blessings, Cindy