Monday, February 25, 2008

Choosing Hope - Kristina

I’m delighted to be a part of this experiment of hope, and am looking forward to the framework it will provide to help make a hopeful attitude a bigger part of my life!

In my mind, I know that God has blessed me greatly and that I have many reasons to be hopeful. It’s very easy, however, for me to forget all of these blessings and become consumed by my fears and doubts. Recently, though, I’ve been astounded at how much difference can be made in my outlook by the simple act of writing down my many blessings. Often it’s the smallest things that, when added together, seem to mean the most: spotting a new bird in the park, a phone call from my sister or friends, the slant of late afternoon sun, the sound of leaves blowing on the sidewalk. We are surrounded by beauty and have so much reason to hope. And so, I am eager to continue the journey towards hope through The Hope Experiment.

I have a very fledgling blog here. I’m in my early thirties, have lived in a (somewhat) southern state for two years, and do a bit of freelance editing. Like the rest of our contributors, I enjoy getting my hands into all sorts of creative things. Lately I’ve been studying Byzantine icon painting, working on simple quilts, and enjoying paper crafts. We hope you will join us as we venture onto this new path!


Sundries Sublime said...

Kristina!! Look how cute you are!!!! :-)

kontrabanda said...

that is such a CUTE picture!!!!!

Inside My Shell said...

I love this, too! So cute!!

Lilac Lanes said...

Aww, thanks gals!