Sunday, February 24, 2008

My Hope Experiment - Ags

When people talk of hope, often times it is in the context of a tragedy or sadness or unexplainable things. From time to time we all need a little bit of hope to get through just an ordinary bad day. On my ordinary bad days I often have to remind myself to look out and up, I tend to concentrate on the in and down.

I don't want to keep taking all the beauty around me for granted. I want to celebrate it, I want to thank God for all the blessings that He gives me every day, I want to focus on the good because that creates faith. So I am counting my blessings and hoping for wonders.

My blog is here. I love to take pictures and do a little bit of design from time to time. And I love people, and also I like to drink a good cup of coffee in the morning, while reading blogs and emails. It's those little things that make life big. I like to notice them.

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