Monday, February 25, 2008

Looking for Hope - Esther

I carry a garden in my hands

I'm really looking forward to be a part of the wonderful journey this is going to be!

My basic attitude is to find something positive even in bad experiences. But often it's a struggle to get there. I have to remind myself again and again to re-adjust my focus. To see the blessings in disguise, to trust God that he has only good plans with me, to get the whole picture. It's so easy to obsess about the stuff that goes wrong, about my faults and shortcomings. Sometimes my own strength is not enough to pull my self out of the hole of hopelessness.
I, too, want to count my blessings - especially when I just don't feel blessed because I know that I am blessed inspite of what feel. I want to hold on to faith and hope. I want to encourage others and be inspired. I want to be amazed by what is possible, by what God does in our lives. I want to give him credit for the small things and the big stuff.

You can find my blog here. I a 30-something assistant editor living in Germany and I love everything that has to do with being creative. Right now my favorite creative pasttime is photography but I'm also into sketching, cooking, reading, travelling, art exhibitions, ... and trying new things.


Lilac Lanes said...

I like this photo - made me think of the power of even 'faith the size of a mustard seed.'

handmade charlotte said...