Wednesday, February 27, 2008

Business cards

It's been a while since I've been in a really really good, excited mood. I realize now that it's a blessing in itself -to be really happy.

I do some design from time to time through my little studio citroand while I love it, I realize that there is so much I still need to learn. About a week ago I received a call from some really upset customers who said that their business cards have printed blue instead of black.

Usually I would get upset but I would not have the reaction that I had this time, I was in bed crying for 2 days straight. I accept the fact that it wasn't just the business cards, I think it was just a nice topping to the job-less cake I've been eating for a while.

Anyway, I didn't have the money to re-print them myself and they made it clear that they want new cards. The printer said I didn't do the black color in the correct proportions and didn't want to re-print them at their cost.

Today I finally called the printer and chatted with a lovely man. I explained to him what has happened and he checked the files and said it was a complete fluke and was not really anyone's fault, it just didn't flatten the file correctly and --- said they will re-print the business cards at their cost!!!

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Yay! This is great!