Wednesday, March 26, 2008

Arts & Crafts

All of us here at the Hope Experiment love arts and crafts in some form or another. It's such a great way to express how you're feeling.

I can get really down sometimes, wishing I had more talent, wishing I was more like this or that artist.

I often wish I had more time or money to invest in arts and crafts.

But when I stop and think about it, I am SO BLESSED! I have sooo many art supplies! I have as much time as everyone else - 24 hours every day! I have books and other resources to teach and inspire me!

I'm so thankful for what I've been given and hopeful that I will keep growing as an artist!

This painting is something I did a year or so ago. I was just goofing around but was pleasantly surprised with how it turned out. I've always loved to draw/paint trees, especially old, withered ones. I added the new leaves as a symbol of growth, calm after the storm, and also thought about the quote, "the walking wounded become the wounded healers."

I've really been into quotes lately. I've found much peace, hope and inspiration in them. I added the Hemingway quote to this painting. The quote has been very comforting to me and I thought it matched the painting perfectly!


Felicia said...

Great painting! It does go with the quote perfectly! I am reading a book by Paulo Coehlo.. it's all quotes from his books... very inspiring.

Lilac Path said...

This is lovely, Jennifer! I wondered if you drew it.

Inside My Shell said...

Wonderful! I am also very thankful of arts and crafts and creativity and plenty of time for all that!

Kim from Kansas said...

Yes, very lovely!