Saturday, March 22, 2008

Peace of Late Afternoon

Like Esther, I adore the cheering effects of the sun. There are only two south facing windows in our house, but I try to remember to catch the late afternoon sun when its calming rays make their appearance behind these windows. The light is so beautiful at this time of day; its effects so perfectly luminous. It also brings a small bit of peace when I see it, and adds even more layers to my decades' worth of memories of admiring the beauty of the late day sun.


pebbledash said...

Sending blessings in abundance. I love this idea, the hope experiment. Lilac Path, thank you for leaving a comment on my blog Pebbledash re the little notebooks. It has led me here, and I'm grateful. I will settle in for a read. With the notebooks - I had thought of an awl, but don't have one...yet!! Blessings to you all. x

Inside My Shell said...